Friday, November 28, 2008

Felt like blogging...

but really not sure what to blog about? lol

Its been one of those topsy turvy days? Most people at work were in a fantastic mood so for the first time in ages I had a good day at work :)

I am still job hunting though. I really really need to find something closer to home. My problem is my eldest daughter starts Grade 1 next year..and I can not drop her off before 7am. At the moment I am dropping her and her sister off at 6.30 in order for me to get to work on time.

Next year I do not know how I will drop her, her sister AND my hubby off and still get to work by 8. Never ever.

I am going to try approach my work re flexi hours..but...I know for sure my boss won't allow it. So it looks like I'll need to find something a bit closer.
It will probably mean a drop in salary its what I need to do.

On a lighter note I took the girls shopping for thier summer clothes tonight. Lol we had a blast..until we got to Woolies for my stuff...grrrrr.

Lemmie has this thing that she LOVES doing in Woolies...she runs and hides amongst the clothing I land up spending my time looking for her rather then at clothing!

After 15 min I gave'll go on my own tomorrow afternoon and have some me time :)


Jenty said...

Hope you find something soon! Woolies shopping on your own sounds like a much better plan than with the kids.

Tanya said...

oh lol I think so too!!

LittleDorrit said...

Enjoy the shopping! Spoil yourself.

harassedmomsramblings said...

Grade 1 does pose a whole set of new challenges hey!! I am also a little stressed about work and time and stuff!!

Shopping for clothes with kids is impossible - hope you managed to find something!