Saturday, November 15, 2008

What a great day!! kinda...

These days having friends that span a decade or two is very rare.

I am on the left, my brother is on the right and Carey Anne in front. This was at my birthday party last year.

Today I went to my friends bridal shower whom I have known for the last 15 years! They really went all out - it was a lovely day!
Lem had an absolute blast swimming and playing with Max, their golden retriever.

There was one thing missing though. I was there alone.
Why? Cos he would rather be on his own then miserable with me. We had an argument on Wednesday night and he is still pouting about it.
I was really upset as these are really really close friends of mine..and J has missed 4 (yes 4!)
of other events of theirs we have been invited too. I play the Lone Ranger really well!

I was so cross I went shopping and spent all the money we had left till the end of the month..flip it felt good at the time..but ..urmmm...not so smart! lol

It just felt so k@k - when the Father of the bride asked where J was, I said he wasnt feeling well. So the FOB says "ja we've heard that one before"
And when the MOB asked and I gave her the same answer, she told me to stop lying for him!

I was really embarrassed ! I have a good mind to tell J not to bother about coming to the wedding either, I'll either go alone or find someone else. Knowing him he will pull his usual stunt on the day , telling me he isn't going...and then expect me to beg for a bit to get him to do.

Nah dude, my time for begging is long gone!!


Jenty said...

that's crap Tanya :(
Glad you enjoyed yourself though

harassedmomsramblings said...

Sorry Tanya :(

But you dont need him to go with you! You can alone or I can go with you ;-p