Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm a bit upset

Its Lemon's 7th Birthday today....and NO family other then my mom called, sms'd emailed or anything to wish her for her birthday!!!

With friends its ok as her party is only next week so there will be MORE then enough wishes going round.

But for NO family to wish her? Not my brother, or any of J's two sisters or brother?

And this isn't the first year it's happened - and I get just as pissed off every year!

And then they give me this BS about "how much they miss her" (they are all overseas).

Ag pls man try showing it sometimes!! Its bad enough Lem only gets to see them once every two years or so!

Thanks..just needed to get that off my chest!

But - Lem my baby, Happy Birthday! You are an absolute joy in my life (even with the tantrums) And I think this photo taken by Jeanette shows exactly who you are!!

May you have many many more years with me my baby!


Corey~living and loving said...

Happy Birthday Lemon. You are so beautiful inside and out, and your mommy loves you so very much.

Jenty said...

Hope she had a wonderful day yesterday, nonetheless! Will see you guys next week for her party :)

Gillian said...

Happy Birthday Lemon and enjoy your party!!!!!