Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So I suggested therapy

Or couples counseling as in my mind if he really wants us to give it another go he would try anything right?

Ha jokes on me.

He said he would gladly go - to find out what was wrong with me!!

I was so shocked I laughed! In my opinion whats wrong with us can not be fixed by us. I truly believe that. He disagrees.

According to him its MY attitude that needs changing.

I think he is making my decision very easy!


Unknown said...

He's like an ostrich

totally cooked said...

what a beaut - guess your original decision was spot on hey ;)

I would recommend you take yourself, your girls and your "problems" and shift his ass on out.

One thing to remember if you start feeling sorry for him is that your daughters are watching how You behave in a relationship and will go on to mirror that behaviour - a punch in your face will translate down in time to one of them being in the same position. break the cycle sweetie.

And show your daughters what a strong woman looks like.

Much love

Marlise said...

Dare I say "typical"? Hugs my friend, breaking out of a relationship like this takes time, courage and is accompanied by self-doubt.

You CAN do it!

Wenchy said...

*to find out what was wrong with me!!*

Please tell him I said he may fuck right off.

Unknown said...

Like i said today, we all have a part to play in our relationship and can learn to do better next time. But as for it being all your fault that is just crap! No one has the right to treat another badly and then blame them for it.

You are strong enough to do this!