Sunday, December 27, 2009


Ok this was meant to be a Christmas Photo post..but OMG I just read my horoscope on FB - to be honest I've never put much stock in these things.....but just take a glance at this!!!

It appears that there is something new happening in your environment at work or at home that has been developing (or taking form) for some time, Cancer. Maybe since Mercury, the planet of your house of secrets, has gone retrograde, it cannot remain secret any longer. It is, however, not as much of a problem as it might appear to be right now, because you have plenty of support from helpful people. Don't try to fight against changes now, because they are changes for the better. Start planning now for your place in the new scheme of things.

Hey?????? seen as it is just past midnight I got tomorrows!!!!

Don't let yourself give in to thoughts of helplessness and weakness today, Cancer, because the message is actually about strength. Your partnership house is very powerful right now, and this strengthens you, astrologically. There may be talk of changing the status or nature of the relationship, but if the other person does not agree with what you want, you need to stand your ground. Today compromising or surrendering your hopes for the sake of making temporary peace will only bring about disappointment and regret. You need to be strong for the sake of your future.

blow me down with a fucking feather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jenty said...

Sometimes those things make so much sense!
btw, it works for me too wrt my job!

Wenchy said...

Yes, please for the sake of your future. :)