Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm finished

Things have reached a new level of "low"
Although in saying that my decision has been made *that* much easier for me.

You know when you think that a person can not be nastier or uglier then they have been in the past and they just completely suprise you be sinking even lower?

J has completely and utterly crushed me this week. I have nothing left. I'm finished.

* He's taken my cell phone away.
* Refused to go to my year end function as he doesnt want to be seen with a "fat miserable bitch"
* I have had to find a lift to my function as he won't let me use the car.
* He has taken all the bank cards as they are in "his" name. The fact that they are "joint" accounts obviously means nothing right?
* He has disconnected the DSTV and Internet line at home.

* Threatened to resign and relocate as not to have to pay me maintenance.
And I quote:
"I’ve just checked my retirement fund, I have enough to hang around for 3 months giving you R15 000, and then spending 6 months to a year backpacking and doing odd jobs in Europe or the US…even South America…I’m just saying...gotta remember that I will have more freedom to do what I want, and it wouldn’t be fair to tell me don’t go see the world if it’s what I want to do …. Just be careful how hardball you want to play, I probably got bigger balls and a couple more in my court…but I’m willing to play by whatever rules you make"

and again
"I was willing to make this as easy as possible…really was, now u got me seriously thinking about resigning and relocating even…cos I can’t see myself even living in JHB with you here…'

One thing has completely destroyed me
He told me he had a conversation with Lemon over the weekend and it was very clear that she despises me.

Oh and "You may get the girls now I am so useless it wont take him long to get them taken away from me"

My lawyer isnt coming back to me *grrr* so if anyone knows of one - pls mail me?


Gillian said...

Gosh I'm so sorry to hear all this, T.

I wish I could help!

momcat said...

I am sorry you are going through this so soon after losing your mom. Its amazing how a man can release the Dr Jekyll and distance himself from his responsibilities in the blink of an eye. A lot of us have been in this situation that you find yourself and we are here to say that we survived. Mr Spiteful thinks you are going to fall apart but thats not going to happen. With his attitude, you will be better off without him.

Jenty said...

Oh hell Tanya :( I'm so sorry.

Vince? said...

Hey Tanya, I'll have my fiance mail you as she'll help with legal proceedings.

Sorry to hear that your your husband has morphed into what sounds like a mentally-and-emotionally impaired wanker.


ForeverLovedSouthernWoman said...

Im sorry your going trew this. Seems he never seems to give you a break to relax and regain befor starting up again. My moms going trew almost the same thing with her soon to be ex husband.

Trew all the dark tunnels there is always a light at the end.

Laura said...

Was actually going to suggest you chat to Talita - Vinces fiance!!

I do know 3 things though - he will never get the girls, Lemon does not despise you and that he is scared ad doing what he can to make you just as scared!

Be strong my friend - hold your head up high. Do not engage him in destructive conversations. Ignoring is strangely liberating!

Wenchy said...

Idiotic prick. Sorry... I've just lived that life before and I know how it can tear your being apart.

I've also forwarded my lawyers details. A non taking any crap lady in Edenvale.

Babe don't believe the lies, okay?

Gillian said...

Was thinking about you a lot last night and said a few prayers for you...just know that you are in my thoughts.

Fiona's photo a day said...

No Tanya! Don't let him manipulate you into believing he is going to be better off without you. He knows it's going to be the other way around because you won't have someone putting you down all the time. He is such a bully! Flippit what is his email address ~ I would really like to give him a piece of my mind?
Seriously you do need to get out of this situation very soon or it's going to destroy you.

angel said...

Tanya I am so sorry... I can't believe anyone could be so cruel!

Chandi Goosen said...

i am so so sorry T - but u do know he does that to stop u from trying b'cos he knows u will be JUST FINE without him...u dont need him, he wont win jack he is trying to intimidate you...gosh i am so angry right now - he must feel really low about himself to drive you down so low the prick