Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Its Christmas??

So is Christmas in 2 days. This is the first year ever I have had no christmas spirit. My tree only went up this past Sunday...other years it's been up by the 1st - without fail.

Working out my christmas menu without my mom? It doesnt seem right.

And J hasn't been the easiest of people this week either. Angel was at my house tonight and asked why I had two christmas trees.....lol. Well the reason is that on Sunday afternoon my tree got chucked out into the garden...decorations and bits of tree everywhere.

On the way home from the River Cafe on Sunday my fuel line on my car came loose..petrol was pouring out my car....J doesnt drive.
So I had to call my dad to come help me. I was cooking meals for my dad to freeze for the next week and J asked me to make lunch. Now bear in mind this was about 3pm and he had been playing his PS3 the entire day.
Umm excuse me you have 2 hands??
he got irritated I was taking so long so we got into an argument. I told him to tell his PS3 to cook for him..hahah
Anway to cut a long story short he threw his plate and stabbed a knife into my kitchen counter..while my dad was there.

Dad wants to bliksem J part 2.

Anyway...things calm down and my dad goes home.
That evening J and I got into another argument, him saying that I want xmas to be miserable for everyone and boo-fucking-hoo that its my first christmas without my mom. Oh and that I wont get a single cent from him or anything else.
He throws the tree into the garden.

I wont go into too much detail about what happened next.

I tell my dad about the tree on Monday - he happened to be at a friend (friends for about 30 years) of his who owns a Spar in Primrose. "Friend" then gives my dad a tree...AND all the trimmings!

AND he gives my dad the money for my lawyer..NO strings attached!

So now I have 2 trees (the other was rescued albeit a bit battered) and my lawyer has been paid.

It may be a good christmas afterall!


Laura said...

THAT is the Christmas spirit right there my friend!

Hold onto that!!!!

Gillian said...

I'm glad your dad is standing by you and helping you out. Its always good to have someone on your side!!

Merry Christmas to you, your dad and your beautiful girls.

Wenchy said...

I really just want you to get the hell out of that relationship. THAT would be fabulous spirit - all year round kinda spirit.

Jenty said...

I agree with Wenchy.
When is he moving out?

Michelle said...

I got scared just reading how violent he is.

You are so doing the right thing and you and your girls will be ok.

JaneF said...

OMG J sounds like such an ass. What a wanker. Can't believe you have put up with him for so long. You deserve SO much better than that. I am so angry for you.

I hope you have a good Christmas despite him and take strength from this and kick his ass to the curb.

mywindowsill said...

That man from the Spar - he's the example of how men should behave. Yay him.

Its not our place to make your choices but you know you have our support for what you decide to do.


Sally-Jane said...

Tanya a man who loves, respects and supports you like a husband should, would be kind and gentle your first Christmas without your mom. You deserve better and the girls need to see what a loving relationship look like - get out.

Wenchy said...

Just thinking of you. x

supermom said...

(((hugs))) I'm glad you managed some Christmas spirit in the end but I'm so with Wenchy

tanyadeville said...

Man from spar = hero!!