Sunday, January 17, 2010

The BIGGEST surprise today!!!!

(lol about my FB status)

Ok I'm so excited I could just start rambling off here but for the benefit of those of you that don't know the story I will start at the beginning.

I was adopted as a baby - a newborn. I basically always knew that I was adopted, I grew up knowing that I was a *special baby* lol. That my mom *chose* me. When I was old enough to understand she explained the whole adoption trip to me. Fabian and I are both adopted actually.

Anyway, when I was about 16/18 my brother asked my mom for his papers (lol sounds like a dog) as he wanted to know where she came from. She gave mine to me too as she thought I wanted to know. I did...but I didn't if you know what I mean. I read through the papers and one thing stuck in my head..I have two older brothers !! I read thier names and they have been indelibly etched in my mind since then.

I have googled, yahoo'd and searched every possible chat program I have EVER chatted on - as you never know right?
But nothing.
Until September 2008.

J was away in Amsterdam on business and I was on FB. I searched Facebook for the one brother - and I had a hit on his name.Now bear in mind they are Czechoslovakian so its not like I am searching for a John Smith - lol. Finding someone with the right surname and first name? Chances are its the right one.
But..I couldnt be sure

The next day I asked my mom to fax me my papers...I check the birthdate...100% Match!

So - I send a friend request, he accepts and we start chatting. To cut a long story short I eventually told him who I was. He was shocked, understandably. So we chatted for a few months via email and FB. December 2008 he leaves FB.
Doesnt reply to my mails.
I have sent loads of mails - but no reply.

TODAY - I open my email and I get a friend request from the Older Brother!!!!


January 17 at 4:13pm
Hi Tanya, you dont know me but my name is ***** **** and have been just told that you might be my sister. I,m sure that you might be shocked by this but maybe not as you already know about me. If this is all true could you getb in touch with me as would love to hear from you. I just hope i haven,t freaked you out in anyway and hope to hear from you asap, regards *****.

I swear my heart stopped!! You have NO idea of the longing I have felt for years to get to know them!!!

M and I chatted for about 2 hours! he was crying , I was crying lol. He was about 7 when I was given up ....and he always had a feeling in his gut that something was amiss but his mom never admitted it.
Now he knows.
And he is happy! He cant wait to get to know me and hopefully fly me out to Perth soon to meet.
He owns race horses - and he said I am now an aunt to a 10 yr old boy. Lol imagine that!

The other brother (also M!) lol only told him today. They had a family fight lol and havent spoken for a while. He looked me up straight away and there we go!

Wierd part? He is in Perth...literally two mins drive from Fabian - my brother! haha I can see this being confusing!

So, WOW, That was my day!


Laura said...

WOW Tanya!! That is AWESOME!!! SO exciting!!

This is YOUR year for POSITIVE things!!

Anonymous said...

So exciting!

Unknown said...

That is so so so exciting!!

Unknown said...

that is great news, how very very cool for you. And a trip to Perth - wow

Anonymous said...

cool cool cool and what a happy moment... that is great for you... so happy for you....

Anonymous said...

this is like a fairy story. Shocking of the other brother to dessert you like he did, he has absolutely no excuse for his behaviour. Wishing you and your newfound bro an amazing future!

Did they live in SA when you were born, or were you born over there or what?

Corey~living and loving said...

HOw wonderful. what a happy thing. :)

oh and can't wait to find out why the other brother dropped you so suddenly.

AngelConradie said...

I didn't know you were adopted! So do you and Fabian have different parents? Have you seen photos of your older brothers, do they look like you?
Wow... I can't imagine the excitement and apprehension you must be going through!