Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stop the world I wanna get off....

So today I received another *you're doing the wrong thing* email from J.

I don't understand how this mans mind works?? HE was the one that told me to get the divorce, repeatedly over the last year. HE was the one that said he won't get his license because "He hopes I'll finally leave him".

And now? Heres a quoted excerpt from the mail...

Anyways, I’ll say this for the last time, I do think we can make it work, I do worry about you and the kids on your own, I will make sure you are not financially sabotaged (I think u know that) and will even give more than asked for….even though I sometimes say the opposite…but if this is really what you want and there’s no way to change your mind, then I’ll accept it…

About see’ng the lawyer with you, its really not necessary, I’ll sign any reasonable agreement that has reasonable reference to the large debt and home equity, basically everything else (incl. the car you can have)…

My reply????

You know every time I think about it and wonder if I am doing the right thing, I think of Lem and Saige growing up and thinking that *this* is how marriage is.

I think of the last time we fought where **************. Where you*************
With Lem screaming at you to stop it.
With Lem screaming and crying for me to go to the police.

I can’t do that anymore.
That was the last time.

I’m stopping it now before Saige is standing next to Lem screaming the same.
I don’t want that for them
And I don’t want that for us anymore.

So my answer J is yes, this is still what I want. This is what I believe is best for us right now, while we are still young enough to both find the companion that we can’t find in each other.


Jenty said...

Hmmm, his email is a little loaded. Reasonable is very vague. Your definition of reasonable is probably very different to his.
Hope the papers get signed

Gillian said...

glad you have taken your stand are being strong enough to read between his lines.

You're a strong woman who has to think of her girls. You're doing brilliantly!


Natasha said...

oh baby, hugs! You are doing the right thing, you KNOW it!!

Corey~living and loving said...

Keep strong. YOu are doing the best thing for everyone.


Laura said...

That email is manipulation - pure and simply!

Glad you replied with what you did! Stay strong in that resolve!

Wenchy said...

Get those papers done asap.

angel said...

T, you can do this.