Saturday, January 16, 2010

You can't be serious!!

So - lol - things are still a tad crazy for me my end. I haven't posted as I needed to make a few final decisions and I wanted to make them is that even a word?

J has come up with a solution to save our Marriage!!!! *giggle*

Wanna hear it?

Well - he thinks I am very stressed due to my job - the rush in the mornings to drop everyone off an get to work on time. The rush in the afternoon to get everyone picked up on time. The rush in the evenings to get everything done on time and the kids to bed at a reasonable time. The fact that I REALLY want to get a business started but don't have the time.

So?? His solution is for me to resign and be a stay-at-home-trying-to-start-a-business mom !!
Yaaay so I get to do all the things I am doing now PLUS try get my business going!

And he ups his game how???????

Haven't quite figured that out yet! haha

So he has a solution! yay! Does that solution involve HIM becoming more involved in our families activities or helping me more with the kids etc? Noooo if anything it just gives him license to do even less around here!

He seems sincere when he believes our marriage can be saved and he really does not understand why I am not taking him up on his offer.

Sorry bud, the offers about 5 years to late!!

THEN there is the Maintenance issue - friends I am in for a fight, pls send all the extra energy you can - I'm going to need it!


Laura said...

I was actually waiting for this suggestion!

I am surprised he waited so long to be honest.

I am very proud of you for keeping your resolve on this Tanya!!! Stay strong!

I survived maintenance court and so will you :)

Gillian said...

Oh the perfect way for J have you depend on him even more so he can control every aspect of your life.

Wot a plonker!

I'm glad you didn't fall for his transparent tricks. All the best for the maintenance fight. You can do this!

ExMi said...

totally agreed with laura and gillian.

stick with what you've resolved and do what's best for *you* and your kids. that's what's important.

much love and strength to you. your bravery makes me proud. xx

Jenty said...

Stick to your decision, your decision is not only about how much you get to do all day... remember that!

Wenchy said...

I am so glad that you can see his decision for what it is.

I am proud of you for staying strong.

I take it he is not finding your request for reasonable maintenance, reasonable?

colsev said...

There is so much I want to say to you, but I will wait until we have coffee - I am so incredibly proud that you are doing this. This is the first time that I have read your blog and truly believed that you are going to go ahead with this, I am SO excited for you!!!

Karen Daly said...

What a complete jerk Tanya, the prime example of manipulation... now that he feels he is losing control of you he is trying to gain control by saying all the things he thinks you want him to say... but its all with an empty heart and a complete lack of sincerity. because if he really cared about you and the babies, he would not behave/speak/act/ignore you like he does. His actions speak volumes... playstation all day on christmas shows how engaged he is with his family... speaks for itself.. he is highly absorbed in himself. You stay strong my friend, you are undoubtedly making the best decision of your life.... I will be praying for you... big K

angel said...

Oh T, you really are having a time of it aren't you.
I do hope your lawyer will put his foot down with J when it comes to the maintenance.