Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ok - don't panic !!!

Ok - saw my attourney again this morning. I gave him the final details to include in the settlement agreement. This afternoon just before 4 I recieved the rough draft.

OMG its finally happening! J could be served by the end of the week! He has no idea. None. He honestly thinks that things are just fine! Funny enough we have been getting along really well...but thats because I view him now as a friend rather then a husband and quite frankly don't give a shit ! lol.

But OMG...I'm feeling all sorts of things now. Empowered, fear, relieved, fear, anticipation, fear, apprehension, fear,joy,fear. Did I mention I was scared?? lol.

oh G*d please let me be doing the right thing and give me the courage to go through with it if I am!!!


Corey~living and loving said...

Deep down, I know you really know you are doing the right thing. stick to your path. You can do this.

gnatj said...

strength my friend!

Jenty said...

As Corey has said... you can do it!

colsev said...

You just need to read back on your blog to keep your resolve. This is your year, your new beginning xxx

Laura said...

I am coming to get you on Friday night and take you out for a glass of proper champagne!!

I am SO SO SO proud of you for doing this!

It is scary and hard and everything else! But you are doing the right thing - for you and for your girls!

(I lost your email addy when I moved PCs - please mail me when you have time)

Karen Daly said...

Go Tanya, gooooo.... I with colsev... if you waiver, become doubtful, just read back on your blog... and be reminded of this difficult reality you want to get rid of from your life. God Bless, K

mywindowsill said...

one little step at a time. it is not an easy journey but there are many of us who have been there and survived. put on your big girl shoes, expect some big blister but take it one step at a time and try not to look down or look back.

if you have real fear go to the police and ask for a protection order.

angel said...

I will be saying a little prayer for you every day T!

Wenchy said...

You do know you are doing the right thing.

I look forward to dinner!