Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Almost lost my mom today

My dad called me this morning early that he had just rushed my mom to hospital.

So I got there as soon as I could and the story goes like this.

They were in Swaziland playing golf over the weekend and my moms wrist started swelling.

She took and an anti inflammatory there and on Monday when they got back went to the doctor who prescribed more.
On Tuesday night my mom's stomach was "bloated" and she was in a lot of pain - my dad rushed her to the hospital - they did a few scans and checks and said they couldn't find anything really wrong but wanted to keep her overnight. My mom is rather stubborn and went home.

This morning my dad started his new job but had a bad feeling..rushed home and my mom was in tremendous pain again and couldnt move.
He rushed her back when is when I got the call.

To cut a longish story short she had a burst ulcer which needed surgery. Now my mom had blood pressure problems and heart problems so was high risk.

In Recovery her BP dropped dangerously low and they found she was anemic but due to her BP being so low they couldn't get the blood in.
And if that wasn't bad enough they also found her kidney's are not functioning properly.

I rushed through after work (after I had fetched J and the kids and dropped them at home) and she had just stabilised.

It looks like she will be ok - my mom is a real fighter!
I told her tonight I wasn't ready to lose her and she said she wasn't ready to be lost, she will still be around to annoy me for a few more years, lol.

So please send any spare prayers you have - I am not ready to lose my mommy yet.


Laura said...

Gosh Tanya how frightening :(

Glad she is ok tho!

Corey~living and loving said...

oh awful. I'm thinking of you and her.

totally cooked said...

mwah! your mommy will be there to hoof you past all the yaddah with J and still cook your favorite lunch. She sounds tough - eish, how bad she must have been feeling for so long and said nothing - give your daddy a hug too for paying attention

Gillian said...

I'm so glad your mum is okay.

Isn't it funny how these things make us realise that our parents will not be around forever.

Its important to stay close...

mywindowsill said...

it must have been very scarey. it all kind of snowballed so suddenly but I'm so glad to hear that it turned out well.

Good on your dad for tursting his gut and going to check up on her.

hang in there

Wenchy said...

I hope all is well soon.