Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happily ever after....

My dad has amazed me the last two weeks.

The devotion he has shown to my mom has been remarkable, selfless even.
They have been married 40 years - so are to each other what butter is to bread you can say.

My dad has been at the hospital EVERY day - except when he is at work (his shifts are 4 hrs - either morning or afternoon) and sits in his car between visiting hours and only leaves after 8 pm - the last visiting slot. He takes books and packs a meal for himself.

I gave him a bit of a hard time about it today as I think he needs to take care of himself too as my mom is going to need him a lot when she comes home. And, selfishly, its hard enough for me having my mom in hospital I couldn't handle my dad too.

He told me "Tanya I have to be here incase your mother needs me".

I could not argue that point.

I only wish to one day find someone so devoted to me - someone that would put me before anything else..the same as I would do to them.

Get well soon mommy..we need you home!


Jenty said...

That sounds very special!

Sally said...

sounds like they have a very special bond. I hope you find that someone too. Remember you deserve to be someone's everything