Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another hectic fight and some decisions.......

So this morning again we had a fight..*whats new* which resulted in me not being allowed to use the car to get to work....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

If any thing it just strengthened my resolve!

So this evening we had an adult conversation and decided the following.
A friend has asked me to move in with her as she is also going through a divorce right now and has a spare room in the house.
I need to see how far my budget will go right now to compensate her for our board.
I told J about this and he has no opposition to it (of course)

We then discussed how we would dispose of the two properties we own.
J said he would be willing to purchase the one where we are living now...he will bond the property at a higher amount and use the "pay out" to settle our debt. In turn I will leave him most of the stuff in the house..which is fine as right now I just want this over with!

I feel happy with this arrangement as it is the quickest, most painless way to resolve this one issue.

The second property..I have no idea. If we sell now we are going to take a rather large financial knock and neither of us can really settle that now.
So we will need to discuss that further.

So for now it looks like this whole process may go rather smoothly..and amicably which is what I wanted. I don't have much energy left for more fighting!


Corey~living and loving said...

I'm thinking of you. I hope things iron out nicely for you soon.

Gillian said...

Think carefully about it all. Don't sell yourself short because you "just want out". I know, I haven't been in your situation before but my sister went through it and lost her children in the process because she just wanted it all over with. She regrets it EVERY day.

Just know I'm thinking of you.

Tanja said...

I had no idea Tanya :(

Good luck and hope things do go smoothly for you here on out, you and your girls deserve to be happy!

Sally said...

These are all steps in the right direction Tanya, I hope it is amicable for you guys, it is what I had hoped for too, but sometimes these civil conversations do not play out when crunch time comes. peace has a price but don't settle too much

Kel said...

oh Tanya:(
I agree with Gillian,You deserve more than to leave with nothing-why should you?

Jenty said...

My word, you've had a hectic few weeks! Hope your mom is ok, will phone you in the morning.
I agree with Gillian, be very careful about what you agree to

Carina said...

Tanya...i agree with the ladies....when i left my x i left in a hurry, so i left him with all the furniture and at the end of the day he ended up porning my hard earned furniture for drugs and i ended up struggling financially for 3years! I should have taken a step back and taked what i deserved...what has he done for you that he deserves it? Does he really want to see his kids suffer?

Natacha said...

O man Tanya, I am so sorry about all of this. I hope everything works out for you, and that you can move out as soon as possible with your girls.